About Us

At Likha Eco Traders, we believe in the talent and creativity of the Filipino artist. Our advocacy is to provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their works of art. We travel from province to province to grow our network with local minority and ethnic groups who seek to promote their livelihood through Likha Eco Traders.

By creating these partnerships, we are able to offer hand-crafted and export quality goods to local and international channels. The local artists are key stakeholders who profit from the business so that they can continue working on their artistic passions. Ultimately, we are aiding in the promotion of Filipinos' livelihoods and culture.


Our mission is to establish a livelihood for local Filipino artisans by sourcing their handicrafts and distributing them to local and international channels.


We envision homes and spaces around the globe to display expertly crafted artworks of love from the Philippines.